The Ways and Days of Ray: Ramon J. Muxter, Gonzo Photographer

Ramon Jon Muxter (1945-2007) was a fixture in the Twin Cities art scene, a gonzo street photographer working primarily during the 1960s-80s. He essayed people at the edges of life, frequenting bars and strip clubs.  His main bodies of work were Self-Portraits, Nudes, and his “Barscapes.”

This softcover book (9 x 12 inches, 110 pages) features about 60 pictures by Muxter, most of them full-page plates, along with posters, records, and calendars that reproduced his work.  The essay, by former curator Christian A. Peterson, covers Muxter’s colorful life and creative photographic output.  Ralph Gibson, a colleague and fellow photographer, provides commentary, and each book is accompanied by a greeting card, with an image by Muxter, from a set he issued around 2000.

Printed and published by Smart Set (Minneapolis), the book is available only from the author for $25 postpaid.  Anyone who picks up a copy in person may choose two additional greeting cards.


“A Definitive Volume”

This 150-page book fully examines the Pictorial Photographers of America, the most important organization of creative camera workers of their time.  It covers their beginnings in 1916, under the guiding light of Clarence H. White, and their activities until 1950, when the movement of pictorial photography dissolved.  The PPA published handsome annuals, presented frequent photographic “salons,” and held regular instructional meetings at its New York headquarters.

Creative Continuum features nearly 60 full-page illustrations, printed in their full tones, by the accomplished photographers Paul L. Anderson, Edward R. Dickson, Laura Gilpin, Gertrude Käsebier, William E. Macnaughtan (above cover image), Ira W. Martin, D. J. Ruzicka, Margaret Watkins, and many others.  The book also presents 50 detailed biographies of leading PPA members, some of whom are profiled nowhere else.  It is a significant contribution to the history of photography and a visual delight for readers of all interests.

This well-designed, hardcover publication was printed in a limited edition of 150 copies, and is priced at $75, plus $5 shipping.  It is available only from the author, Christian A. Peterson.  Contact him at, or send a check to 4241 Elliot Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55407.